An Interim Marketing Consultant fills the gap when unforeseen circumstances keep your marketing executive on leave for 60, 90, 120 days or more. In some cases, if your VP of Marketing or CMO gives you notice of permanent departure, we can fill that space, reorganize the strategy and/or marketing department (if needed), write the job description for your incoming VP or CMO, help you hire the right candidate and train them based on the needs of your company.

Marketing Direction marketing consultants each have a minimum of 15 years of marketing experience. Our team of marketing experts include professionals who have been VPs of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers and CEOs. All have run their own businesses so they will fully understand your needs. The marketing consultant selected for your placement will be the best fit based on your company’s industry, needs and focus.

Absolutely. We want you to be comfortable with your marketing expert since he or she will become a key part of your executive team.

We charge less than what most marketing agencies typically charge. Your monthly investment is determined by how many days a week your Marketing Direction consultant will be working for you. Keep in mind that you do not pay for health benefits, 401k, paid holidays, etc. for your consultant which can be a savings of more than 40% over an employee’s salary.

Absolutely. Your Marketing Direction Consultant can oversee your marketing department and hold each individual accountable for action items assigned to them. Your marketing consultant can also shine up a tarnished brand or give a fresh perspective on a stale brand left by an outgoing VP of Marketing.

Absolutely not. Your Marketing Direction consultant acts as an independent contractor so you are not responsible for paying employee benefits including health insurance, 401k, paid holidays, etc.

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