Part-time Marketing Executives:

“We want to look bigger than we are!”

“We want to compete with the big guys.”

“Our sales reps are creating their own flyers and they’re terrible!”

“Our marketing materials and communication are all over the place.”

“We need a consistent look and feel.”

“I’m too busy growing the company to babysit a marketing person.”

“Our marketing coordinator is looking to me for direction and I don’t have the time or know how to give it to her. Shouldn’t she know what to do?”

“We can’t afford our current VP of Marketing and we’re not sure we even need a full-time VP of Marketing.”

Interim Marketing Executives:

“Our VP of Marketing just informed me she’s taking a leave of absence to handle a family issue.”

“Our VP of Marketing just requested three months of maternity leave. How do we cover that?”

“Our CMO just gave me two weeks notice. It took us over a year to hire him, how will we find a replacement in two weeks?”

“We need to replace our current VP of Marketing, but we can’t go months without one until we find the right fit.”

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